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Vision Statement.

At Rutland Grade School we strive to provide for the development of students in an interesting and educationally sound atmosphere.  We provide an opportunity for students to acquire skills, information, and self confidence to maximize their potential for success and productivity as citizens.  Administration, faculty, staff, students, and community members work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect because we appreciate the power of cooperation.  By working together we will achieve more than we ever could on our own.  We have high expectations for our students and ourselves as we continue to improve and grow.

News from Our School

Rutland Review


Congratulations to Mrs. McQuen and Mrs. Backos on being our Excellence in Education winners!

We are very proud of our Rutland alumnus, Maddy Aubry, on being an IL State Scholar and adding to our Hall of Fame!

Thank you to our Caught Being Good Sponsors: Marshalls, Farm and Fleet, New Chalet, New Chiam, McDonalds, Krogers, and the YMCA!

Quotes from our 8th Graders


 “This school has helped me a lot to get to where I am now. The teachers have been there for me when I need them. I could speak for all of us and say that we’ve surely had some fun times at Rutland.  It has been an honor going to Rutland.” Riley Brady


"Thanks to the amazing teachers. They have always helped me whenever I have had a problem or was strugglling.  The teachers here are the best I couldhave had." Trevor VanMIll


 “I have learned at Rutland that anything I set my mind to can be possible, and it all starts with a single step, or a small push, if you’ve ever met my mom. To all of the staff, we all owe you a huge round of applause; you all make Rutland such a great school.”  Kylan Benson


“The memories that I have at Rutland will stay with me forever. Something that I will miss from Rutland going into high school is the one-on-one time.  I feel that Rutland, even though it’s a small step in my life, it can make a big difference in what happens later on.” Carter Beals

“I have had good memories here.” Tony Harden

“I would like to say that this class is amazing, and I would love to have another class just like this.” Kaylin Middleton


"Some people think of Rutland as a small school and some have never even head of it. But the students and staff who attend Rutland know it's far more than just a small school; it's a family." Luke Poffenbarger


"It is hard to walk into Rutland without a smile on your face because all the teachers smile and greet you with kindness." Fernando Martinez


"Rutland will help us reach our goals. The teachers here are dedicated to their students' success and will help us to the best of their ability. They will push us to be our best." Josie Wick


"Rutland has made me feel welcomed and helped me not feel like the new kid." Bryan Koppenhoefer


"Rutland isn't just a school it's like your second family, or your home away from home." Daymien Hendryx


"Rutland helped me see the best in myself. The teachers here at Rutland are all amazing. " Kayleigh Green


"You always get a head start when you go to Rutland." Elijah Aguirre


"I'm going to miss this place." Austin Boe


"This is truly a wonderful place. I have experiences with other schools, and Rutland far surpasses all else. Rutland has shown me that being a small school, is by no means, a bad thing." Felicia Lalla


"I wanted to say thank you to the teachers for working their hardest to get us here today." Mason Lehman


"I feel very lucky that I've had a chance to go to this school and that I've gotten to know all the teachers that have worked here over the years. Rutland is truly a great school and I won't forget it. " Zach Poffenbarger


"Coming here to Rutland for all 9 years of school taught me more then I could even imagine." Jersee Reed


"I will miss my class at Rutland Grade School and the teachers." Jacklynn Ruger

Rutland Grade School has now joined Facebook. You can befriend us on Facebook and stay current with what is going on at the school.  On Facebook search for Rutland Wildcats.


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